We drank

We drank,
And I picked up on you,

The curious tilt of your
Open intrigued face,
Opening me.

I picked up on your
Slightly narrowed eyes
Picking up on me.

We drank,
And I delved into you.

I watched how you absorbed,
What I blurted out,
I watched what you chose to react to.

But I also like
A puzzle that puzzles back
Are you watching me choose too?

We drank,

Am I being too sexual?
Or are you just picking up,
On what you want to see.

We drank,
And I wondered,

Am I just picking up,
On what I want to see?

outer body

I haven’t posted on here in quite a while, I’ve been too busy going on dates hahaha! Though I journal and write almost every day and I do have so much material I’d love to share so hopefully I’ll get back on top of this blog. I’ve started to really get into poetry, so I hope to share a lot more little scribbles like this in my creativity section. If you enjoyed this please give me a follow, I have so many more to share! I do enjoy reading everyone else’s poetry and thoughts too so please give me a like or comment and I’ll check you out, as that’s how I’ve found most of your interesting blogs.

Thank you thank you for taking time to read my poetry, I hope you have a beautiful day.

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