I grow.

I try and build myself with everything, everything I do makes me grow. Music I listen to included.

I was raised with music by Kate Bush, Andreas Vollenweider, ACDC, Enya, a random African album my dad loves, and many more. If I’m honest I think subconsciously those are my main influences. The music I currently listen to is a mixture of themes within that range, I am a dancer and I happen to move best to dreamy music with a weird beat or tribal sounding African music.

I didn’t even realise until I looked at my playlist the other day. My roots are very very visible, and what seems like a wild mess of music with funky beats and eerie vocals is actually a fairly organised exploration of myself that’s been going on since I could hear.
When my parents played music I’d stop playing and just sit and listen to my favourite songs. Or sneak out of my room quietly to be closer to the wub of the bass and the silky vocals.
Nowadays I move without thought to music that reflects that played throughout my childhood, it’s like time freezes and no thoughts run through my head other than how amazing it feels to just be.

The music I listen to educates me, makes me feel invincible, or vulnerable, happy, primitive, delicate, many many things. It helps me explore who I am, how I move, how I feel. If I’m going to be ‘weird’ about it then honestly I believe energy runs through me all the damn time, music changes the ebb and flow. It helps me discover something new within myself, it helps magnify emotions and feelings, I am constantly progressing and my music is a large part of who I am.

Pick your music open-minded, explore what different sounds do to you, even if you don’t even move to them.

Find something different.



I listen to music that gives me goosebumps, that slows my heart rate and my breathing, that fills my body with bliss and creates tingles that ride down my spine and spread through me. I listen to music with lyrics I connect to, lyrics that question politics, that push ideas, that challenge, that deepen my understanding in something or question aspects of myself. I listen to music that harnesses my strength, building on my fire, making my eyes burn through objects, where the beat fills me with power and my anger turns into willpower and strength. I listen to music that intrigues me, that makes me wonder what made them layer sound over sound to create something so unique, so strange, it pushes my creativity, it inspires me. I listen to music that oozes with sexuality, it ripples and pulses, moving me to admire my own sexuality and the human body.

I grow.

I’m curious, does your music stimulate you in a similar way?

Does your music taste stem from your childhood influences?

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16 thoughts on “I grow.

  1. I think music in general is powerful ❤ I can be all heavy metal at the gym when I feel pumped up and ready to slay it, to enjoying the carpenters that take me back to my childhood..i love music and think its something that is beautiful to be with on your own, and to be able to share and unify with others…great blog post!

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  2. My tendency has been to listen to music that is experimental, that pushes the envelope. My parents’ musical tastes were mild, but I can remember having the radio on, when I was babysitting my younger siblings, and the folks were out- Things came on, around midnight, like Wes Welker’s insane reimagining of “Brahms’ Lullaby” (not for putting ANYONE to sleep) or Duke Ellington’s monumental “Harlem Nutcracker”.

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    1. My music tastes are also experimental but in a completely different way, more beats or strange sounds involved. I think it stems from Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica that was played in my childhood and used to make me imagine the strangest games. Duke Ellington is so fun, love his work! I can’t seem to find Wes Welkers Brahms Lullaby anywhere, but I’d love to have a listen to that too. My old singing teacher used to tell me how he’d go to the pub and come back home in time to listen to what played at midnight – so it’s interesting to hear you say that too! Thanks for the feedback!

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      1. I was embarrassed to have confused a long ago acquaintance named Wes Welker with the actual musician, Wilton Felder. Mr. Felder also spiced up songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and
        The Theme from Exodus”.

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    1. I’m glad you find it as interesting as I do! My music is like a progression of that I was raised on, I only rarely listen to music from my childhood and when I do it takes me right back and makes me so calm – which is fascinating. Thank you for the comment! ♥️


      1. I can relate to this! Funnily enough I’ve been listening to some of the stuff I listened to when I was younger as even though it’s not something I would necessarily listen to as much now it’s still relatable and takes me back to that time ✨

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  3. Beautiful. Yes it does, though I could NEVER express it so eloquently as you have, very powerful and very true. And by the way, I love Andreas Wollenweider- Caverna Magica being a fave. Oh and Enya too, Clannad, oh I better stop-you’ve got me going down memory lane😍

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments! Not many people have heard of Andreas Vollenweider so I’m so glad to hear you love him too! I love going down memory lane, it’s crazy how much music can bring back memories and feelings. Thank you for the comments, if you have any music you love feel free to recommend, I’m all about hearing new things and discovering new artists! 💃

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