Choose your energy.

We have a choice in how we view each problem. We can view it as a weakness or we can view it as a challenge.

I have realised that I haven’t ever ‘wasted’ time on things that went wrong, I spent time on them. No time is wasted. Every single second you build yourself and your character, even when it feels like you’re moving backwards.

You have this huge energy within you and no matter what happens it will keep getting stronger.

What I am trying to say is you are this huge entity of energy, with a huge mental capacity and you move through time and space and contribute to the world constantly whether you feel like you do or not. You are very much connected to everything, and you can be in control of how everything effects you. You can be self-healing, or self-damaging.

You have the choice as to what kind of character and energy you create.

You choose what kind of energy you emit, and you can choose what kind of energy you want to absorb.

We’re weird little beings, but we’re strong, and we’re intelligent.

Never let bad energy rule your badass vibe. 


Choose your energy.

“You can’t know where or when the Universe will enter your affairs—only that it will. So just pitch your pitches, take your baby steps, enjoy the journey, and prepare to be astounded.” – Mike Dooley – Leveraging the Universe


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