I am everything.

The universe we live in is amazing, as much as it can make you feel like the tiniest speck in the galaxy, it can also fill you with a powerful energy.

An energy that connects you to the world, one that makes you feel as though the moon, the wind, the stars and everything else is a part of you. A huge part of you.

A part that maybe not many of us will not acknowledge often, and an energy that some of us might only feel a few times in our lifetime.

Sometimes I will climb a hill and stand on top where the wind blasts me. Where the air is cold and fresh and smells of fern, of peat, of everything it touches. The little villages below are tiny, and the big rivers look like scribbles on the earth. I’ll unzip my coat and let the wind blow it behind me, I’ll lean into the wind and breathe in the fresh air. An energy will flow through me, it makes me want to run wild with the wind and it also makes me want to stand and stare and just feel. I’ll probably do both.
I am the cold wind, the cold wind is me.

Sometimes I will sit by the river alone, I’ll listen to its constant soothing flow, I’ll watch the sun sparkle on its surface. Sometimes I’ll dip my toes in, or throw some pebbles. My mind goes quiet or flows constantly, sometimes I’ll write it down, sometimes I’ll just observe.
I am the scribbles on the earth.

Sometimes I’ll watch the fire, I’ll sit and stare and feel its heat on my face. My cheeks will go rosy I’ll watch branches bend and break. I’ll watch how the sparks fly from logs that crack, the smoke that curls in pretty patterns and makes my eyes burn. It lights up the world with a warm glow, a dangerously warm glow.
It’s just me. It’s just me and this energy. And I feel it.
I am fire.

Sometimes I’ll watch the stars. Where I live is isolated, there are no lights. The stars really shine. The sky becomes lighter than the horizon and the night air becomes cool against my face. Silent. Sometimes I’ll be in a car, sometimes inside, sometimes on the roof. But they will always be there, perhaps a cloud will pass underneath them. I’ll pick out the north star, the milky way, I’ll stare like the young tiny child I am. These stars are ancient. I am a newborn. No matter how old I get I will be a newborn.
But they are a part of me, they watch as I watch and I am silent as they are.
I am the stars.

I am raised in a place where I have connected with the world. I am in no way saying that the only way you feel this is through nature.
I visit London and I witness people that are connected with the bright lights and the graffiti, the hustle and bustle. I do not know if they really feel as though they belong, I don’t know if the energy surges through them and they become the lights, graffiti and the hustle and bustle.

All I know is that everyone is important.

You are pure energy.

Every now and again the world will let you know just where you came from, and where you belong. Your energy will connect with the energy that flows constantly around you, and exchange a flow bigger than usual.

A powerful feeling.

A purpose.


“When pressed for the ultimate truth, the Vedic seers uttered two words that overturn all our accepted notions of reality: Aham Brahmasmi. A free translation would be. “I am everything, created and uncreated,” or more succinctly, “I am the universe.”

To be everything, or even something beyond the confines of one’s physical body, sounds very strange to the Western ear. A story is told about an English lady traveling through northern India who was taken to the caves along the Ganges where yogis sat in deep meditation. She was pleasantly received by one yogi outside his cave. At the end of the visit, she said, “Perhaps you don’t leave here very often, but I would be happy to show you around London.”

“Madam” the yogi calmly replied, “I am London.”

“I am everything” implies an ability to transcend the normal flow of time and the normal confines of space. To the rishis, we are not onlookers peering into the unified field – we are the unified field. Every person is an infinite being, unlimited by time and space. To reach beyond the physical body, we extend the influence of intelligence. As you sit in a chair, every thought you are thinking creates a wave in the unified field. It ripples through the layers of ego, intellect, mind, senses, and matter, spreading out in wider and wider circles.

You are like a light radiating not photons, but consciousness.”

– An extract from Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra

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