I am the ocean

I am the tide, the rhythm

The mighty, the calm

I am the ebb and flow




Blue, grey, green

There is life within me

There is energy

High and low

I dance


Watch me


I come and go as I please

But I am always there

To and fro

To and fro

Back and forth

Back, forth, back

I claim land


Watch me take


I follow the moon

Moon pulls

Pulls and pulls

I swell

I submit

I am the soothing wash

And the drowner

Come swim


Watch me take you

ocean 2

This little poem will be one of my next dance projects, I’ll record myself speaking and then I’ll dance to the words. It’ll be meaningful and passionate, if I record it, I’ll be sure to share it here.

I don’t often write poetry, but every now and again something will flow. I’ll upload it on ‘creativity’ unless it has a theme of body intuition or mindfulness. Thank you for reading.

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