This one I just randomly painted. Half curious to see how the colours would mix, and half engrossed in the stroke of the brush. I didn’t think of anything in particular, but it turned out really rather beautiful.


I painted it to the smell of fresh coffee from the cafetière, whilst sat on a cool flagstone facing the warm morning sunshine of southern France. The grass was covered in dew and the cool breeze floated through my loose shirt and caressed me. Days like these you can smell the air and then you just know it’s going to be beautiful.

The feelings behind this picture were quite beautiful, and somehow they flowed right through me directly onto the paper without much thought involved at all.

6 thoughts on “Mindflow

  1. Hi!

    I LOVE your “Mindflow” painting! The colors are so beautiful, and if it were on my wall, I would stare into it and get lost in all those gorgeous colors…thank you for this!


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 💙 I might be putting it, framed and signed, on some kind of online selling site. I’ll be sure to post about this when it happens just incase you’re interested in it living on your wall 😊


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