Body intelligence

Have you ever thought about walking? How your entire body moves in synchronization without much thought in it at all. How your pelvis leads your upper body forwards, and your entire body weight glides through your legs with the movement of your knee and ankle joints. How your bones carry your weight smoothly forward, guided with detailed messages stored in your muscle memory. How your arms swing on their hinges by your side, keeping balance through momentum.

Everything is so crazily complex and everything is a wonder. You are a wonder.

Next time you walk, have a little think about all that is behind such a simple movement.

Sometimes we plod along with bad posture and floppy muscles, this isn’t quite the best thing for our bodies at all. Whenever we do anything, we should all try to think about optimizing each movement. I try.

Connect movement with intelligence.

Take a large breath and feel your rib cage expand, try to keep that space in the exhale. Drop the shoulders, and open up the collar bones.
Work on stacking bone on top of bone so there is less effort needed to glide your body weight forwards. This means good posture. Hold your head high, lift out of your pelvis, out of your hips, out of your spine. Straighten the slouch, or the lower back arch.
Swing the legs forward, and let gravity help, use your toes to press the ground away instead of lifting and plodding. Feel the pressure of the ground through your feet and lift out of it.

Spread out your intelligence.

Walk with intelligence and you’ll see what a little attention to your body can do.
Walking can feel like floating.

body energy

“Nothing drives me more mad than someone telling me,
‘Goodness, you’ve changed.’  
I feel so awful for them.
I want to say,
‘In this great, big, intricate world, yes I have.
I change everyday.
You don’t?’  

– Christopher Poindexter


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