The vitamin C booster.


Love em or hate em, they do some real good stuff. So here’s a yum smoothie I made earlier, filled with vitamin C, metabolism speeding and skin clearing properties for summer.

What went in:

  1. A handful of frozen cranberries.
  2. A little pour of soya milk.
  3. Four tablespoons yoghurt.
  4. One teaspoon honey.
  5. A good trickle of agave syrup.
  6. A little green tea.

And then blend!


Look! It actually happened!


So here’s what it does:

  1. Cranberries – boosts immunity, anti aging, aids weight loss
  2. Soya milk – muscle food, helps create red blood cells, acne controller
  3. Yoghurt – more muscle food, helps digestive system
  4. Honey – reduces risk of cancer, good for your skin, heals wounds, boosts energy
  5. Agave Syrup – detoxes the body, helps weight loss, clears skin
  6. Green tea – anti-oxidant, increases metabolism, protects your liver

Try it! It does so much with so little! 

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