I’m learning so so much about myself.

I’ve learnt that if I wear yellow I feel so much more happy, honestly. Everyone stares at me in this recently bought bright yellow coat, I pair it with deep plum lipstick, and I like it – it’s not negative judgmental looks, it’s just vibrant you know. Different. I will grin and smile at anyone who looks at me because of my yellow coat. I’m proud of it, I love what I’m wearing more than ever. I make sure all people who look at me see that I’m happy as hell in yellow or whatever I’m wearing.

I’d advise you to do the same. If a child stares at you because you’ve got lots of piercings or a voluptuous bum or pink hair or no hair or a big beard or a huge tulle skirt or tattoos or anything that makes you stand out just smile at them. They’re just curious. I was that child once, you probably were too. Don’t be hateful. ‘I can’t believe their parents haven’t taught them about…’ Send love. ‘I see I caught your eye because I’m different, well this is me and I’m happy like this.’

Wear whatever you feel happy in, whatever you want to wear, wear it for you and nobody else. Do these little things just for you.

I know that sometimes glaring or ignoring onlookers is easier, but when you can, smile, especially at children. We’re encouraging a generation of children to glare at people that look at them when they’re feeling different or they don’t quite fit in to an environment. Since when was that a bad thing?

Children might remember me as a happy girl in yellow. In fact they might want a yellow coat too. That would be great. It really works. It’s like colour therapy, honestly. But most importantly of all, this simple little thing makes me feel better. Little things do make a difference. So if there’s something you’d really like to wear today because you feel great in it, wear it for goodness sake, be great.

I’m not trying to make you wear yellow, you might not like yellow. I’m just trying to get you to care enough about yourself to commit the smallest of things for your happiness.

My fashion is less restricted, more free.

I’m not asking you to buy new clothes and it’s not that I ever cared what people thought, it’s more that I would save things for special occasions and not wear some things because they might get dirty. It took me a while to realise every day is a special occasion. I might be dead tomorrow. So I’m dressing in what I feel like dressing in and what I feel good dressing in. And yes there’s still a limit, but less of a limit. You know, I won’t wear a bikini out to see friends, but I will wear sparkly tops to the library, harem pants on a rainy day and timberland boots to a fancy meal.

People look and I smile back. I’m happy like this.

Are you happy like that?


Be more free.

4 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I love yellow! And being unique. I’ve been wearing dreadlocks for about five months. Children love to stare. Some adults look at me crazy. My choice, my hair, my life. . . When I look in the mirror I feel I’m looking at my authentic self. I used to wear wigs, and lots of makeup, and work hard to look just like a “black Barbie”. Now, I’m just Lady in Yellow. . . and I love it! Great post!!!

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