As soon as you try.

As soon as you try, you’re already moving forwards. As soon as you put on clothes and do things, as soon as you find a recipe to cook, a place to go. Whatever it is, depression, anxiety… As soon as you try, you’re already winning. Some people have to fight their thoughts every other minute, I have to fight mine every now and again. It’s impossible to just float through life. Everyone needs to put up a fight, especially mentally. Some people more so than others.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s normal. I’m just saying it can be done. It never stops, you just get stronger. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the millions of people feeling similar to what you do right now. Show them the next step, spit in the face of depression and go see someone that can help. Write, draw, meditate, cook, read. Learn your own mind.

There is a way out of the hole, it comes from within you. You have it in you. I want you to look in the mirror and see a warrior, a strong person.

Because you are.

If I were so strong perhaps the universe would have given me a bigger battle to fight. Yeah. You heard me… I believe everything happens for a reason. And I believe these things don’t just happen to make you suffer because you’re a shitty human, it’s so that you can rise because you are powerful and you have no idea how strong you are.

Please try to find your own happy time and try to make sure you commit to yourself. Care enough about yourself to calm your mind with some yoga, care enough about yourself to quieten your thoughts with a painting. Go to boxing club, go for an evening walk, join a history society, scouts, a photography club, find out when the sun sets and watch it.

Remove draining people, change negative influences.

Know that you aren’t escaping the thoughts/feelings in doing these things, you are fighting them. They’re getting weak and you are getting strong. As soon as you try, you’re already getting stronger.

I dare you to make the first move and relax in a bubble bath with some chill music. I dare you to do your hair nice today and love the way you look. I dare you to go to a kickboxing class and learn how to use your strength. Put the voice that tells you you’re worthless in a headlock, because you aren’t. And because I dared you.

I understand that not everything you try will work out, but what have you got to lose?

Let’s say  an amputee has lost half of one leg. This amputee feels awful about it, is constantly reminded by the pain. Remains at home for most of the day, gives up on activities because they’re not how they used to be. Nothing much changes, no progression.

Or, that same amputee decides it is not over. They try over and over and over, they fight, cry, fail, progress and build strength, stamina, flexibility. They make sure they don’t forget to care and trust their own being. Activities become easier, they’re not how they used to be, they’re different. But hell, they’re trying. Things start coming together. Then one day they wake up and completely forget they are an amputee. Of course, they still only have one leg but they have fought and their mind is winning.

I know that it is different, but the commitment to your healing is the same. You must build an ability to soothe, to manipulate the way things affect you, to be mindful, to harness that power.

Try and try and try.

Fight and fight and fight.

Find the fire within. Find the love. The wisdom. The passion. The calm. The anger. Find everything within yourself and love it all. I want you to see the fire in your eyes, the love, the wisdom, the passion, the calm, the anger. You are worth this fight, the person at the end of this is worth this fight. Feel the emotions swirling around inside, listen to them, read between the lines. What do they mean? What do you need, really? Maybe it’s as simple as sleep, maybe sunshine, maybe a chat or maybe exercise.

You are beautiful, powerful.

You’ve got this.


Embrace yourself.

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