And there she sat, pensive and wistful, relaxed. Her obligations had blown away in the breeze. I admired her like this, the way in which she could attract only the attention of those curious about her mechanics and her world. She held a sadness, a deep sorrow as though she absorbed it all from the separate worlds of others.

But, she acted upon it differently. She would hold it all there and question it until there were no questioning to be done. She would spiral it into happiness, acting upon it in a positive way. She would appreciate it. She knew our experiences created our livelihoods.

She could change it all.

Observing her was interesting. Battles took place within her, deep questions roared unanswered. Everything truly unique to her.

There was a refreshing air about her… A sea air. And then we were at the sea.

My mind and I.


Fate whispers to the wolf, ‘you cannot withstand the storm.’

And the wolf whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’

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