I love colour.

I love to experiment, create, explore, chill out and express with colour.

And so I do.

So before I show you a few pictures of my recent little project and explain what’s what and how, you should note that; I have no idea what things will look like, I do not stick to any medium, I do whatever I feel like,  I do not plan, I never cock up because there is no plan, every stroke and colour and splat is not planned just guided. 

Let me explain. I pretty much believe everything happens for a reason. Therefore if a drop of water falls on and smudges it I’m like: “hmm, okay, that’s actually quite pretty I’ll drop some more water on.” Obviously this one has turned out to be a sunset and therefore if a little drop of blue plopped in the yellow sunshine I’d be more like: “oh, well this doesn’t feel good, I’ll just mop it up. But now there’s a little stain. I’ll add more yellow, make it brighter, perhaps the yellow just needed to be more yellow.” 

If something happens that promotes an entirely negative reaction I try my best to correct it, and then I stop. I do not start painting to get a negative reaction but sometimes I just don’t know what to do next and how to add to what I have, so I stop. Maybe another day I’ll have a sudden ‘OH MY GOSH I SHOULD ADD SHELLS’ and then I’ll start again.


Here’s a little of what I’ve been creating:



It’s a sunset.

And I’m still creating.

So, what’s what and how:

Day one: Poster paint was spurted directly onto the canvas wherever seemed fit, and quickly scribbled together. Then left to dry.

Another day, weeks later: I decided the sea could do with some really small bits of tissue paper, I felt like it needed to pop up more, to have more movement. So I ripped up tiny little bits of blue and purple and glued them on with PVA using tweezers to hold them. Didn’t get to the red part or yellow part of the sea because it got a little boring.

A week after that: Added more yellow because it didn’t feel bright enough. Added blue sparkly glue to the tips of the paper, needed to use it up, and anyway, water glitters in light.

Yesterday: Cleaned my room and found a few old nail varnishes that I’d hardly used. Perfect! I added dark blue, shiny purple, shimmering turquoise, plain blue, blood red and sparkly orange. The little brushes created tiny strokes and the smell made me paint quickly. I had no other nail varnish left so I used yellow and orange acrylic gloss paint for the middle.

Today: Decided I could spare some pearly shimmery white nail varnish as it’d be the perfect shine for the bright sun on the sea. And I never wear it anyway. So the shine was added.

Next week?

I’ll be sure to update you. Who knows what might happen with the sky.

I hope this inspires you to mess around and be creative with something, if so I want to know! I have so much fun doing whatever wherever my instinct takes me. Remember, it doesn’t need to look ‘good’, it doesn’t need to do anything.

Whatever happens just enjoy the process, and if not, stop.

6 thoughts on “Colour.

  1. I love this post! Thanks for leaving a comment on mine as I probably would never have known about yours. Your posts are engaging and inspiring. Loving your art too.


  2. That is remarkable! those warm colours and textures are so wonderful!
    Some of the best things come from not having plans, especially in art.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are great! Really love the colours. And I love how you’ve used so many different materials to create the fabulous colour and texture 🙂


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