Help! Help? Help.

Toddlers have tantrums all the time, the typical stomping of feet, crying, shouting, scowling… and it isn’t a spit of hatred thrown at you or something that just happens. It’s a cry for help. ‘I’m tired, it’s too busy in here, I’m really hungry.’ It’s a cry for someone to help change the environment they’re in to something else, because they can’t alone.

As adults we still get tantrums, but we just display them in a different manner. E.g Marching up and down looking stressed, deciding not to eat, rubbing our forehead in exasperation, not taking part in things that bring us joy, pushing our friends away. This is also not a spit of hatred thrown at you, nor is it something that just happens.

It is also a cry for help. And sometimes all it takes is a ‘hey’. Sometimes the only thing someone wants is someone else to be there.

It’s impossible for us to get someone to be there alone, especially if you feel nobody is there already. So that’s why we too have ‘tantrums’, and we all deserve to have them answered.

Everyone has tantrums when they feel as though they are no longer in control. Toddlers aren’t just being silly. Adults aren’t just being silly.

Next time you see a teacher marking a pile of books on a train, frowning and rubbing their forehead in exhaustion… Just say hi, that you think they’re doing great.

With a few words you’ve changed the environment from stressful, moving, blinding and noisy to stressful, moving, blinding, noisy and encouraging.

Sometimes that’s all it takes. ♥ ❤ ♥


” The main question of life is not ‘What can I get?’ but ‘What can I give?’ ” – Baden Powell

**As much as this post encourages you to spread happiness and treat others like you wish to be treated, I do not want you to think that because nobody does anything when you act down you do not matter. You do matter. And you are powerful. You should not rely on others for your happiness and to feel worthy. If you are having difficulty dealing with a negative situation please read my other post ‘Let it affect you’ to learn how to regain control and reassure yourself.**


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